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  • Excursion to Gramvousa - Balos

    Gramvousa Island or “the pirates’ island” is at the northwest side of Crete at the top of the peninsula of Gramvousa. Beacause it is an island it is accessible only by water. At the top of the hill there is the Venetian fortress built in the 16th century AD. The view from the fortress is breathtaking. Read More
  • Excursion to Elafonisi

    Elafonisi beach is located at the Southwest part of Crete approximately 75km of Chania town. It is a remarkable area of natural beauty. The sand is pink and white. The pink color comes from the millions of pink and red seashells that have been broken into small pieces with the passage of the year. The water is clean with a strong blue and green color. Read More
  • Excursion to Samaria

    Samaria Gorge is a National Park of the White Mountains of Crete. It is the biggest gorge in Europe. It starts at the plateau of Omalos and it ends at the seaside village of Agia Roumeli. Its’ length is 16km and it is the second most visited attraction in Crete. For the public it is open from May till October and every year more than 300000 people walk through it. Read More
  • Excursion to Knossos - Heraklion

    The archaeological area of Knossos is referred to the capital city of the Minoan civilization (3000 - 1450 bc) and to the palace of Minoas King. The area of Knossos is 6km southern of Heraklion town. There, you can see the remains of the Minoa's Palace. Read More
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Travel Services and tours in Chania Crete

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Welcome to our website, in Splendor Holidays we are specialized in providing domestic travel services in the island of Crete and especially in the prefecture of Chania. Our expertise and our knowledge of the people and the area ensure unforgettable vacation during your stay in Crete.

We have a wide selection of daily bus excursions and sightseeing tours to the most beautiful destinations of Chania. We offer daily trips to Samaria gorge, Elafonisi beach, Balos lagoon and to many more popular attractions of Crete. Also, we organize one day sailing trips to the most beautiful and remote beaches of Chania.

In our website you can book any of our excursions. Also, you can find ideas about exploring Crete, visiting its top destinations and experiencing the real Cretan life.