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Questions and answers about the Tours

1)    Are there sun beds in Elafonisi? - Yes there are Sun beds and umbrellas in Elafonisi Beach.
2)    How much time will we stay in Elafonisi? - We will stay for three and a half hours.
3)    Do I need to carry my own food and water? - No it is not necessary, there is a canteen in Elafonisi beach.

1)    Are there sun beds in Balos beach? - Yes there are sun beds and umbrellas in Balos Beach.
2)    Is it hard to walk up the hill to visit Gramvousa castle? - It is 15 minutes of walking up the hill.
3)    Is there a beach in Gramvousa Island? - Yes there is a beach in Gramvousa island but the next beach of Balos is more beautiful.
4)    Do I need to carry my own food and water? - There is a snack bar in the boat and a canteen in Balos lagoon.

1)    Is there a guide that will give us a tour in Knossos? - Yes a guide will give you a tour inside the area of Knossos.
2)    The ticket for Knossos is it the same for the archaeological museum? - Yes it is. With the ticket of Knossos you can also visit the museum.
3)    Where will we meet the bus of return in Heraklion? - The bus will be waiting near the museum. Also, you can always ask the guide in the bus to show you the meeting point.

1)    What is the physical condition that it is required to pass the Samaria Gorge? - You must be in a good health. It is 6 or 7 hours of walking.
2)    What happens in case of an injury? - The only way that an injured person can be carried is by a donkey. The personnel of the Gorge will handle it.
3)    Where will we find the rest of the group at the end of the gorge? - The tour guide before you enter the gorge will inform you about the meeting point at the end. (it will be a taverna)
4)    Do I need to carry my own food and water? - There are several natural springs inside the gorge where you can refuel your bottle of water. It is not recommended to eat a lot of food and afterwards to walk for many hours. If you want you can carry something like a snack or a sandwich.

1)    I’m waiting for the bus but it is not coming. What is happening? - 5 to 10 minutes delay of the bus can happen due to many reasons (traffic, late customers etc). Also, you can always give a call to the office. - Check your ticket for the phone number.
2)    I think I’m running late in the morning for my appointment with the bus. What is happening? - It is very difficult for the bus to wait any longer for you than three or four minutes.