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Where we are!

Our office is located in the center of Platanias village next to the pharmacy (we are in the same building with Kappa Car Rental) and we are open seven days a week from the 1st of April till the 31st of October. Our opening hours is 08:00- 22:00. You can come any time you want from 08:00 in the morning to learn all the details about the tours and to book your ticket direcltly for a daily excursion in Crete.


What we do!

We are cooperating with the best coach agents and private tours organizers in order to provide to our customers organized bus excursions with a tour guide to the most attractive destinations of Crete at the most competitive prices. Our most popular destinations are Samaria Gorge, Elafonisi Beach, Knossos and Balos lagoon.


Also in our office you can book train tickets for the little fun train in order to enjoy a ride in the great Cretan outdoors, you can exchange money and you can book a car or a bicycle for rental.