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General Information,

Chania is the capital city of Chania prefecture. It is located in the western part of Crete. It is a remarkable place, ideal destination for holidays and certainly worth of visiting. The population of Chania is approximately seventy thousand and it is the second largest city in Crete.

Top Sightseeing in Chania town center.

The first thing you see in Chania center is the Municipal Market. It is an old square building built in 1913. Inside you will find many shops with local products such as olive oil, wine, herbs etc. Not far from the Market there is the Municipal Garden. In the Garden there are many species of Cretan flora and fauna. At the eastern side outside the Garden it is the tower clock built in 1870. Also, there is a Café in the Garden if you want to rest and relax. Next to the Municipal Garden it is the Park of Peace and Friendship. East from the town center and the square Market it is the beach of Koun Kapi. There, you can see the Venetian Wall and the gate “Pyli Tis Ammou” or “Sabionera” from the Venetian occupation Era. On the beach road of Koun Kapi there are many café and restaurants. Northwest of the town center is the beach of Nea Chora. It is a beautiful place and on the beach road there are many fish tavernas. Next to the beach it is the graphic small harbor of Nea Chora where the local fishermen moore their boats.

A visit to the old town of Chania and the Venetian harbor.

There are many ways to enter the old town of Chania. The most common is to walk down Halydon Street which starts from 1866 Square. Walking down Halydon you will see the Orthodox Cathedral of Chania the church of “Panagia Trimartiri” built on the 11th century AD. Near to the Cathedral church is the street of Stivanadika which is full of leather shops. The name comes from the word Stivani which is the traditional Cretan boot. East from the end of Halydon Street it is Macheradika area. Its name Macheradika means knives workshop and it is named because there are many shops that make and sell knives. Halydon Street ends right before the Venetian harbor of Chania. Walking the old port one can see the signs and the influence in its architecture and structure from all the empires that occupied it (Byzantine, Venetian and Turkish).  At the Old Port it is also the archaeological museum and the naval museum of Chania and of course there are many café and restaurants where you can have a coffee or a meal and enjoy the view of the port and the lighthouse. Behind the Venetian harbor you will find the alleys of the old town. In the alleys you will find clothes and souvenir shops and many hidden tavernas.

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Map of Chania town

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