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bikes by the river

For friends and family!

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Rent an electric bicycle and ride from Platanias to Drakiana Park. Enjoy the view and the sightseeings and have fun with one of these bikes. The trip starts from the parking area of Turtle Bikes  behind the main road of Platanias and lasts approximately one and half hour. The distance to Drakiana park is 6 kms and the return of the bike is at the same place you have started. During the way you can stop to the church of St. Georgiou, see the orange and lemon trees, see the plant nurseries of local farmers and at the end enjoy and rest at the cool and fresh park of Drakiana next to Keritis river.

The bikes!

Electric bikeThe bikes are for two or for four people and each passenger has his own pedals. These bikes do not require bicycle riding skills because there are four wheels (like a car!). Also, there is a tent for shadow and they are equipped with an electric assistance motor connected with the pedals that will do the hard work while you explore relaxed and ecologically the countryside of Platanias.

Also they have a left side mirror, a small case to store your camera and a classic ringing bell horn. It is very fun to ride them and all you need is a bottle of water in case you are thirsty and a mobile phone or a camera for taking pictures and videos. 

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The route to Drakiana Park

Additional Information


  1,5 hour rental
E-bike for two persons 19€
E-bike for four persons

20% Discount to all our customers that have already booked a bus excursion with us! Simple mention your tour reservation number next to your surname and we will apply the discount.

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